Yes, you must show a valid national (or international for non EU residents) driving license. Driving a scooter (even a 50cc moped) with car license is not allowed in Greece.
Up to 50cc: requires european driving license AM,A1,A2 or A - international license with endorsement : A
up to 125cc: requires european driving license A1,A2 or A - international license with endorsement : A
up to 35kw (~300cc): requires european driving license A2 or A - international license with endorsement : A
all motorbikes: requires european driving license A - international license with endorsement : A

If your driving license was issued before 19/01/2013 (for EU residents) or you are in doubt, please e-mail us the image of the back side of your driving card (or driving document).
We will inform you about what you are allowed to drive!!!

There is no age limit for moped, scooter or motorcycles if the driver is a valid license holder. Minimum age to drive an ATV is 23 years

Yes, a full payment is required at the time of collecting your vehicle

The vehicle has to be returned with the same fuel level as taken.

A 500 € damage deposit is necessary for renting an ATV (not scooters or motorbikes). The sum is payable by credit card or cash. The full amount will be refunded after you return the vehicle. There is no pre charge but we need your credit card data for secure reasons.

Third party insurance is included in the price. The renter is insured for damages in case of accident with an excess amount (self-risk) depending on the vehicle. That is : 250€ for group A,B vehicles , 350€ for group C,D,E vehicles , 450€ for group G,H vehicles and 550€ for group J vehicles. An extra insurance ( 0€ risk) can be provided with extra charge, depending on vehicle the charge is 15€ or 25€ per day if the rental period is more than 4 days. Bicycles and ATV s are excluded.

We will refuse rental if we think that the driver is not safe for any reason (lack of driving skill or experience).

You should wear something comfortable. Long pants are preferred but shorts and sneakers are acceptable. We advise you not to wear flip-flops.

Some people call the quad bike All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) but driving off road requires special skills and knowledge of the terrain. There might be big holes or other hazards that are invisible. LION Rentals does not permit off road driving for any vehicle and our insurance will not cover damages while off – road.

A single day rental is from 08:00 until 20:00